Connor Whiteley

Cognitive Psychology

Do you want to know how our mental processes impact our behaviour?

Have you ever wondered about memory works and why is it flawed?

Do you want to know how we think and what affects our decisions?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then this is the book for you.

By the end of this book, you’ll learn:

What is cognitive psychology?

How memory works?

What affects our memory?

How we learn language?

How technology affects our mental processes?

And more…

If you want a great, engaging, easy to understand book about cognitive psychology. You will love this book!


Cognitive Psychology Content:


Part One: Memory

Chapter 1: Introduction to Memory

Chapter 2: Retrieval of Memory

Chapter 3: Multi-Store Memory Model

Chapter 4: Working Memory Model

Chapter 5: Reliability of Memory

Chapter 6: Episodic Memory

Chapter 7: Emotion and Memory

Part Two: Decision-Making, Thinking and Technology

Chapter 8: Decision-Making and Thinking

Chapter 9: Visual Imagery

Chapter 10: Biases in Thinking

Chapter 11: Decision Neuroscience

Chapter 12: Cognition in A Digital World

Part Three: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Learning

Chapter 13: Learning: Habitual and Basis of Learning

Chapter 14: Types of Learning

Chapter 15: Biology of Learning and Memory

Chapter 16: Schema

Part Four: Social Cognition, Empathy and Emotion

Chapter 17: Social Cognition, Empathy and Mirror Neurons

Chapter 18: Emotion

Chapter 19: Emotion Through A Social Psychology Lens

Chapter 20: Emotion and Cognition

Chapter 21: How Does Emotion Influence Cognition?

Chapter 22: How Does Cognition Influence Emotion?

Chapter 23: Does Cognition Cause Emotion?

Chapter 24: The Conscious

Chapter 25: The Basis of Conscious

Part Five: Language

Chapter 26: Language

Chapter 27: How Do We Learn A Language?

Part Six: Attention: Recognition, Altered Functions and Controls

Chapter 28: Attention

Chapter 29: Object Recognition

Chapter 30: Facial Recognition

Chapter 31: Altered Cognitive Functions and Neuropsychology

Chapter 32: Cognitive Controls

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