Sir Jay Cox

December 13: St. Stephan and the horny stable boys – An Erotic Christmas Calendar

«It's Christmas time. Just like the first St Stephan once did, Stephan has a tradition of riding around the village with his men to be invited to the farms. This year he will visit Adam, a man he has encountered before. Once at Adam's house, the men drink together, eat Christmas food, laugh. It's not long before they are tearing each other's clothes off with a special Christmas spirit. But soon it's time for the next Christmas ride.
‘St. Stephan and the horny stable boys’ is a short story about Christmas as the most generous time of the year, when people not only invite you into their homes, but also share their bodies with you.»
Behind the pseudonym Sir Jay Cox is an established author with several novels to his name. He is as fascinated by heroes as he is by anti-heroes, as well as by what drives them, what attracts them and the relationships they are drawn into. Sexual appetite always plays a central role, but it's not everything… In his two Christmas novellas, Sir Jax Cox takes on a couple of the holiday season's most esteemed profiles and sets them off on the most unexpected adventures. Will readers ever see them in the same way again?
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