Raine Cantrell

Desert Sunrise

From the national bestselling author of Calico comes a story of love, savagery, and survival on the Arizona frontier that’s “western romance at its best” (Janelle Taylor, author of Cherokee Storm).
After her husband is murdered on their wedding night, Faith Becket goes on the run with her father and siblings in tow. They hope to reach a stake of land they own on the far side of the Arizona Territory. It’s a perilous journey, even for seasoned travelers, and they need a guide as bold and determined as Faith.
Raised by the Apache, Delaney Carmichael is as hard and dangerous as the land he loves. On a mission to restore his family’s honor, he has no time to help Faith, and knows he’ll be better off if he resists her alluring beauty. But when Faith walks headlong into danger, he’s the only one who can save her.
Ensnared by Faith’s turquoise eyes and driven by a mystical connection to ancient Apache legends, Delaney’s heart softens as their mutual passion blooms. But before he can finally stop fighting, he must face down the deadly foe on Faith’s trail . . . in this action-packed adventure from “a powerhouse writer whose emotional intensity keeps you enthralled” (RT Book Reviews).
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