Aiden Sisko

The Quick Business Optimizations Handbook

It is a well-understood axiom of the business world that there are two ways to improve the bottom line of any business.  To make money or to cut costs.  Better yet, BOTH!When a business turns its eye to cost cutting, the business owners will discover significant bleeding of revenues that are going on within the business.  So if those systems can be improved to eliminate that waste, while retaining the same, or even improving quality of output, the business would literally make money from the inside out!This book is all about tweaking, optimizing the many different processes and components in any business operation. Just by applying some techniques you'll learn from this guide will easily translate to a lot of money for you-guaranteed! It doesnt matter what industry you're in, the principles contained here WILL WORK!In fact, how can you survive if you're bleeding money from unnecessary expenses, from redundant and inefficient business processes?=================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================IntroductionSystematize The Key Areas Of BusinessEliminating DistractionsBusiness PlansUpdating Business PlansBusiness Process ManagementThe Future Of BpmThe Business Process Management IdealsTweaking Human WorkflowsIn Summary:Discern How Your Business OperatesPrepare A RoadmapThink Big, Act SmallInvolve All Your StakeholdersChoose The Tools That Best Suits Your NeedsUse Professional Services When NecessaryIdentificationRethinkAutomationsPlan DesignMaking A Strategy Flow MapCost Reduction PotentialIt Options To Help With The IssueBpms Implementation Expected AdvantagesEnterprise AutomationsBenefits Of AutomationMlm Automation ExampleEbay.Com Automation ExampleCost-Benefit AnalysisLeveraging The Internet In Your BusinessIncorporating Offline And Online Marketing For SuccessA Shrinking WorldVirtual EstablishmentsKnowledge Management SystemsOnline TrainingBusiness Process Outsourcing (Bpo)About TrackingTracking WebsitesExamples Of Other MetricsTheory Of ConstraintsMindsets TrainingAttitudes DefinedCustomer Relationship Management (Crm) PracticesLean Production SystemsIdea ManagementMind MappingHow Do You Mind Map?Corporate Time Management
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