Paul Bailey

An Affordable Future: Challenges facing Australians and their governments

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An Affordable Future: Challenges facing Australians and their governments, is about
how national wealth and income is created in Australia; how governments tax and spend that wealth; and the state of public finances.
It looks at the future challenges for Australia to remain one of the world's wealthiest countries and the affordability of current and expected government benefits.
The prevalence in our national affairs of matters relating to employment, economic growth, public debt, government budgets and an ageing population makes it important for all Australians to understand and make informed judgements about these matters, which affect our future well being.
An Affordable Future is not an economics or finance text. It's for anyone with an interest in Australian national and political affairs. It has an extensive glossary to help with unavoidable economic and financial jargon.
The book is sometimes provocative, and adopts a questioning view of the workings, motivations and competence of government. The levels of government intervention in the economy and runaway spending are challenged. Analysis on spending is focused on welfare, healthcare and education, the largest and fastest growing areas of government budgets.
The book is written in three parts;
Part 1- The Dilemma of Choices is about the role of government and compares trends in government policy and spending between Australia, Europe, and the United States. It argues that choices must be made for sustainable government.
Part 2- Staying Rich looks at the notion of wealth from a national perspective and addresses some of the key factors that will determine Australia's future prosperity
Part 3- Money In, Money Out examines government finances from the aspect of taxation, spending and debt.

“To contribute to the future of our country, we need to improve our understanding of the mechanics of government finances. This, well researched, easy to read book helps that need brilliantly”
Dr David Gray BSc., Adjunct Professor, QUT, CEO Boeing Australia 1995–2006
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