Black Chanterelle

Caldarium Luxuria – Lesbian Erotica

The young assistant Bianca conscientiously puts herself in the service of her superior, sexy Captain Viviane. She does not know that this evening, instead of fulfilling her duties, she will visit Caldarium Luxuria: an exclusive bathhouse inspired by the public pools of ancient Rome, full of splendor and finesse. A third figure also joins the company — a sophisticated, mysterious woman standing at the very top of the military hierarchy. The temperature rises sharply, not only in the saunas, when both ladies decide to relax with their obedient but shy assistant.

Black Chanterelle is an author shrouded in mystery and a relentless explorer of human desires, dreams and lust. In her works, she focuses on awakening in the reader a wide range of sensual and aesthetic experiences. For her, erotica is a vast, beautiful and diverse concept, at the same time devoid of taboos, which she always captures in the light of her colourful plots with elements of fantasy… and imagination.
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Hanna Sitter
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