Narayan Dutt Shrimali

Practical Hypnotism

  • raksubedihat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Jahren
    Human life and the universe are full of known and unknown mysteries. Man is always tempted to rediscover the known mysteries but when he tries to find out the facts about the unknown, many new things come into light.
    As the civilization is advancing rapidly, discovering things related to the unknown have become a happy practice. In fact, human journey has taken a great stride starting with the invention of the wheel until the creation of the computer.
    As a consequence to the latest technological developments hu
  • sushan achhamihat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Jahren
    In this manner, man sees through his inner self even future events. It does not entail any difficulty for the inner mind to retreat into the past or peep into the future. At times he views even such events as had never materialised before. When, however, at a future point he finds the same dream sequence materialising in real life, his surprise knows no bounds.

    Once in a dream Abraham L
  • Brodoghat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Jahren
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