John Isaac Jones

The Hand of God

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“The Hand Of God by John Isaac Jones is a story of murder, redemption and the search for God. It is a fictionalized story based on Florida's Chillingworth murders. Bobby Lincoln, a young African American, is the central figure in this tale. The book is beautifully written and very deep. You can't read this book without being influenced by the undertones of religion, God, redemption and forgiveness. However, it is not a religious novel but more a novel about Bobby's search for a deeper meaning of life. Bobby is a lost soul in the beginning of the novel and basically believes there is no meaning to life. As much as he thinks about religion, he can't believe in what's written in the bible and preached about on Sundays. Finding himself in jail charged with murder, he begins reading books that may help him understand what God is, the meaning of life, what his purpose is and how to lead a better life. With the help of Bags, a knowledgeable inmate who delivers books to inmates, he finally realizes he has to change if he's going to find redemption. The character development in this book is wonderful. The reader forms a great understanding of Bobby and Bags as well as all the other characters. I knew there was something special about Bags and his influence on Bobby and it was confirmed at the very end of the book. The story is really well-developed and transitions easily through all the influences and changes in Bobby's life. As Bobby grows as a human being, the story grows with him. It's an easy read that grabs the reader and doesn't let go. As Bobby questions life the reader explores the questions right along with him. I highly recommend this book. It makes you think and question your own beliefs and actions. I was never sure of Bobby's or the authors belief in organized religion until a little wink from Bags at the end.” --Seraphim0731 Amazon customer

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