Pieces of Glass, Sarah Kay
Sarah Kay

Pieces of Glass

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Sometimes joy and grief are separated by mere moments. A last-minute run down a ski slope … a catastrophic accident … and an amazing young man is reduced to a comatose form in a hospital bed. His adoring fiancée remains to weep, pray, grieve, rage, and struggle with the jagged trauma of suffering and loss.

Some questions have no answers. Some things in life just don’t make sense—including God. And yet …

There is God.

There is a deeper, more real faith that roots in the wasteland.

There is a promise that comforts, and there is hope, and there is life.

Pieces of Glass is the poignant, deeply personal chronicle of a young woman’s journey through grief. With eloquence and relentless honesty, author Sarah Kay shares the emotional ebb and flow of her own heart and spirit—and in so doing, reassures, comforts, and encourages us all.
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