8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs, Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki

8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs

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Robert Kiyosaki’s new book 8 Lessons in Leadership draws from his years at the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and his service in the United Sates Marine Corps. With compelling stories and examples and a engaging way of comparing and contrasting two very different cultures and value systems, Robert shares the challenges he faced in transitioning to civilian life&hellipwhere chain of command and team-over-self—once so black and white—were muddy and distorted. “Permission to speak freely, sir?” Count on it. This is Robert Kiyosaki—and he does just that, in the forthright and no-nonsense style that readers have come to expect and appreciate.From Robert's perspective, military training shapes lives and supports entrepreneurship. The training, discipline, and leadership skills taught in the military can be leveraged for huge success in the civilian world of business.Highlights of 8 Lessons in Leadership include sections on Mission and Team, Discipline, Respect, Authority, Speed, the Power of Connectivity, Leaders as Teachers, Sales and Leadership.
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