Japanese Fairy Tales, Yei Theodora Ozaki
Yei Theodora Ozaki

Japanese Fairy Tales

This collection of Japanese fairy tales is the outcome of a suggestion made to me indirectly through a friend by Mr. Andrew Lang. They have been translated from the modern version written by Sadanami Sanjin. These stories are not literal translations, and though the Japanese story and all quaint Japanese expressions have been faithfully preserved, they have been told more with the view to interest young readers of the West than the technical student of folk-lore.
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It was nice. Can I read gernemo stilton books? But I am not finding them


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could not bear to be idle
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age, and her mother retained custody of
stray moonie
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Then the sparrow opened her beak and showed him that a new tongue had grown in place of the old one, and begged him not to think any more about the past, for she was quite well now.

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