Malcolm Carruthers

The 50+ Plan

The 50+ Plan — His and Hers HRT is an exciting new approach to preventive medicine using pioneering Hormonal Healthcare, designed for both women and men. Based on Dr Malcolm Carruthers’s thirty years of research and clinical experience, The 50+ Plan reveals the extraordinary health benefits of starting on hormone treatment around the age of fifty, in order to promote health and well-being throughout the second half of life. As we live longer the need to reinvigorate our later decades has never been more important. All evidence suggests that estrogen for women and testosterone for men are safest and most beneficial when given for the first time at the age of fifty — the window of opportunity — then continuously and long-term. HRT for both sexes helps to maintain all the systems of the body and can prevent or at least slow down many of the degenerative changes associated with ageing. Heart and circulatory problems are reduced, diabetes prevented, memory maintained and sex life revitalized thanks to HRT. Perhaps most importantly, muscle mass and bone strength are maintained, preventing the osteoporotic fractures in both sexes which can make later life a misery. The 50+ Plan — His and Hers HRT by Dr Malcolm Carruthers is an enlightening guide to ageing with confidence.
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