RK Wheeler

Hammer of the Gods

Thor, the god of Thunder, wields Mjolnir, his enchanted hammer, against giants and dragons.  But Odin's son was not the first to carry the Thunder Stone.

For there was a time, before the old gods ruled the Earth, when an Archangel fell from grace.  Azazyel used the hammer, to forge the swords and spears of the angels, and the weapons of the old gods.  For his sins, of taking a mortal wife and teaching humans the making implements of war, he was buried alive, and his tomb was lost.  In the ruins of an ancient temple, Odin found the hammer, and gifted it to Thor.

Now, thousands of  years have passed, and the dragons stir from their long slumber in the bowels of the Earth.  Thor and Odin must be found or all will be burned by dragon-fire.

Angelica, and her brother, are the last of the mixed-blood children of Azazyel.  Only they can find his tomb and Asgard.  Using the lost Staff of Moses and Solomon's Ring, they face perils searching the Nine Realms.

Dragons and gods, angels and demons, gnomes and dwarves, elves and fairies collide in a tale of epic proportions.  Lovers of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Terry Brooks will not want to miss this story.  Written in R.K. Wheeler's unique voice, this blending of Norse, Greek and Hebrew mythology is unlike any novel before.
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