John Gilstrap

At All Costs

“That Rare Beast: A Superior Page-Turner That Manages To Pull At Your Heart.” --David Baldacci
The Brightons are just an ordinary, small-town, law-abiding family. Until somebody else's mistake uncovers the truth--Jake and Carolyn Brighton are the FBI's two most wanted fugitives. Jake and Carolyn have lived a lie for fourteen years to protect themselves. But now they have to protect their thirteen-year-old son, Travis. Their only chance is to return to the hellish scene of an unprecedented crime, and collect the evidence that may finally set them free--if they can elude a massive manhunt long enough to get there.
«A Flat-Out, In-Your-Face Thrill Ride, Filled With Unexpected Twists, Sinister Turns, Clever Plotting, And Top-Drawer Writing. Gilstrap's Characters Are Wonderfully Sketched And His Dialogue Is Rich With The Language Of Real People. At All Costs Demands To Be Read. At Any Price.” --Lorenzo Carcaterra
“Heart-Pounding.” --Tess Gerritsen
“An Irresistible Roller Coaster Of Suspense.” --Robert Crais
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    Daria Dahat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
    was one thing if a customer was a bit slow with the door—they escaped with a pointed reminder—but a coworker committing the same offense received a withering rebuke.
    Daria Dahat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
    Any later, though, and the odds plummeted.

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