How to Become a Successful Speaker & Presenter, Surendra Dogra 'Nirdosh'
Surendra Dogra 'Nirdosh'

How to Become a Successful Speaker & Presenter

Have you ever thought of addressing an audience and making them all listen to your speech without batting their eyelids Do you want to create a trance on all the people who are listening to your speech?

How to be A Successful Speaker presents all the necessary techniques to motivate, captivate, and persuade the audience; conquer stage fright with the help of tips and anecdotes; customize different speech for different audiences by analyzing their needs, desires, and listening modes; make your presentation memorable by developing a theme, organizing your material succinctly, and keeping your message simple; project a professional image through personality, voice, and clothes; motivate audiences to change their actions and attitudes; involve listeners busing everything from humor to eye contact and from empathy to audience participation exercises; and deal smoothly with problems and difficulties.

The book is a must read for students, management and executive personnel, supervisors, salesmen, and others who wish to improve their speaking effectiveness in their work and social relations.
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Elena Nadybska
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The moral of the story is that if we memorise our speech word by word like a parrot, there is a strong possibility that we forget everything at the time of delivering in front our listeners.

Мораль історії полягає в тому, що якщо ми запам’ятовуємо своє мовне слово за словом, як папуга, є велика можливість, що ми забудемо все під час виступу перед нашими слухачами.

Mandy Yap
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Abraham Lincoln said: ‘To me, a good speaker is one who uses his hand thoroughly during his speech.’
Hj Hamsinah
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Introduction, beginning, climax, ending are the main parts of a speech

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