Erin Pim,T.G. Haynes

Going Down

Five tantalising tales of hot hotel happenings.

Paradise Past – T.G. Haynes
Amelia arrives at a wonderfully intriguing, isolated, island locale. The hotel, where she has a reservation, has a history of hosting wild parties and dangerous liaisons in its art deco heyday. Her reservation has been arranged for her by a mysterious male guest…

Next, please! – Erin Pim Rumour has it, that staff at the hotel sneak away to use empty rooms for their sexual exploits. In light of this, Deanna, a bi-curious hotel receptionist, begins to see her lesbian co-worker in a different light. Will she muster up the courage to make the slim, blonde Jenny her first lesbian partner? The old hotel’s empty rooms beckon her, imploring her to give in to her desires.

The Mobster’s Wife – Cash Morgan
A one night stand has unexpected consequences for private eye, Cash Morgan. He's inadvertently slept with the wife of Jamie Burton, a mobster on the run from the law. The police now recruit Cash to act as bait, his job is to keep sleeping with Burton's wife, Erica, to lure her jealous husband out of hiding. The question is, who will kill Cash first: Jamie Burton with a bullet, or the insatiable Erica by more pleasant means?

Winding Down at Watergate – Jordan Monroe
A year ago, Alicia spent a pleasurable weekend with Daniel. Since then, the confidence she had in her appearance has waned, and Alicia has devoted herself to the new high-powered job she holds. When the two meet up again by chance at a scandalized hotel, will Alicia be able to overcome her body-image issues and pick up where they left off?

Seventy-Seven Seconds – Janelle Reston
Amber and Lucy have been on-again, off-again ever since graduate school. Now living on opposite sides of the country, academic conferences are their only opportunity to rekindle the old flame. For the two women, the conferences are as carnal as they are intellectual. When Amber dares Lucy to have sex with her in their hotel's glass elevator, their relationship reaches new erotic heights.
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