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Great teams have three characteristics:
A strong sense of purpose
Autonomy - self-organized, self-
How many times do you hear about some massive project costing millions and millions being cancelled not only because of the cost overruns, but because it simply doesn't work? How much of your life is wasted on work that you and your boss realize doesn't create value?"
Goals that are challenging are motivators; goals that are impossible are just depressing."
– Jeff Sutherland
"Choose the smoothest, most trouble-free way to get things done. Scrum is about enabling the most flow possible."
– Jeff Sutherland
"If you need a hero to get things done, you have a problem. Heroic effort should be viewed as a failure of planning."
– Jeff Sutherland
Why did this project play out the way it did?
What did we do right?
What did we do wrong?
What could make us faster if we did it more consistently?
What process improvements can we implement right away?
What can we do differently in the next sprint to boost our productivity?
What did you achieve yesterday?
What will you be doing today?
What obstacles are blocking you?
Doable rather than theoretical.
Have enough information for completion.
Are small enough to estimate accurately.
Have a definition of "done" which makes sense.
Create a roadmap
Prioritize by value
Refine and estimate the entire project
Nobody is trying to multitask – because it never works. Doing more than one thing at a time always makes you slower and worse at both tasks. Everyone needs to know multitasking does not work.
Tasks get completed – rather than leaving things half-done. Everyone needs to live by the creed: "Half-done is another way of saying not done."
People do things right the first time – rather than forever scrambling to fix sloppy mistakes.
Everyone works at a sustainable pace – because humans always reach a point of diminishing returns. You don't want heroics to get things done but sensible, sustained effort offset by enough rest and recreation.
Goals are challenging but realistic.
There are no stupid policies – which get in the way of people being productive.
The workplace is calm and efficient – with everyone striving for flow.


Specifically, the SCRUM master:
Runs all daily team meetings.
Ensures there is transparency.
Helps the team discover what is in their way of doing more and eliminates any roadblocks.
Coaches everyone on how to make best use of the SCRUM framework.
The SCRUM master has a very specific role. He or she is not really a manager as such. Instead, the SCRUM Master watches how the team is working and identifies how to make everything go faster
The most productive SCRUM teams consist of three to nine people. If you get more than that, communication breaks down and people start working at cross-purposes. To get things done, you have to keep your teams small and engaged.


A strong sense of purpose
Autonomy - self-organized, self-managed
Cross-functional with all requisite skills
If you concentrate only on what you can build, you end up making something that nobody actually wants, even if you're passionate about it. If you concentrate only on what you can sell, you can promise things you can't build. If you build what you can sell but aren't passionate about, you end up working hard to build mediocrity. But in the center, that sweet spot, is a vision rooted in reality – a vision with a real possibility of becoming something great."
– Jeff Sutherland
The best way to achieve ongoing continuous improvement is to plan what you're going to do, do it, check whether it achieved what you wanted and then act by changing things for the better.
The key is getting rid of what stands in their way
The product owner specifies what needs to be done and why
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Don't look for bad people: look for bad systems – ones that incentivize bad behavior and reward poor performance."
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you need a hero to get things done, you have a problem. Heroic effort should be viewed as a failure of planning."
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When you make a mistake, fix it right away. Stop everything else and address it. Fixing it later can take you more than twenty times longer than if you fix it now.
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You don't need to devote a lot of time to planning, reflection, meditations, mission statements or five-year projections. Leave all that to the competition, and let them eat your dust."
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