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In this book you will find the best tips for solving your problems in the most immediate and simple way possible. Thus achieving high prosperity in your professional, personal and family life!
The nutritional coaching book is a work that addresses the integration of coaching techniques in the context of nutrition. It aims to offer a holistic approach to achieving goals related to food and health. Nutritional coaching combines coaching principles, such as goal setting, identifying obstacles and developing strategies, with nutrition knowledge.
The main objective of nutritional coaching is to help individuals make more conscious and healthy eating choices, promoting lasting changes in their eating habits. The book can offer practical guidance, reflection exercises and strategies for dealing with common food-related challenges, such as binges, poor choices and lack of motivation.
By incorporating coaching into the field of nutrition, the book seeks not only to provide information about diets and nutrition, but also to develop self-management skills, self-awareness and empowerment of the individual in relation to their food choices. Therefore, nutritional coaching serves as a transformative approach that aims not just at momentary change, but at building healthy habits that are sustainable over the long term.
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