Neil Gaiman

Unnatural Creatures

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The griffin, the sunbird, manticores, unicorns ­— all manner of glorious creatures never captured in zoos, museums or photographs are packed vividly into this collection of stories. Neil Gaiman has included some of his own childhood favourites alongside stories classic and modern to spark the imagination of readers young and old. All contributors have given their work free to benefit Dave Eggers' literacy charity, 826DC. Also includes a new Neil Gaiman Story.
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Great work...a MUST read

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Elena Mikheevahat Zitat gemachtvor 5 Jahren
Did you know that our letter A began its life as a drawing of the upside-down head of a bull? The two bits at the bottom that the A stands on, those were originally horns. The pointy top bit was its face and nose.
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I loved my monsters.
Where there is a monster, the wise American poet Ogden Nash told us, there is a miracle.
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There is only one phoenix at a time, of course, and while the Natural History Museum was filled with dead things, the phoenix is always alive.)

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