Sophia Frost

Therapeutic Body and Skin care Recipes

Give Your Body The Luxury It Deserves!
Create Your Own Skin And Body Care Therapeutic Products Using Natural Ingredients!
Cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies aren’t helping matters. Every year, they produce a staggering range of beauty products in a bid to provide their teeming consumers with baby-smooth soft skin. Sadly, in their zeal, they include unnatural ingredients in their expensive products, leaving consumers to destructive side effects.
The best way out is to create your own products, making use of this DIY guide that contains valuable recipes to soften, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. In it, you will find creams, lotions, gels, salves, balms, bath recipes, cleansers, masks and butters that will hydrate and heal the skin.
You will learn how utilizing a blend of ingredients, including essential oils can provide relief from several skin problems. There are also rich notes describing the therapeutic benefits of every recipe to the body.
Some of contents in this book are:
Various Detox Bath Blends
Homemade lotions:
•    Scar Diminishing Lotion Recipe
•    Moisturizing Suntan Lotion
Herbal Salve Recipes
Skin Cream Recipes:
•    Homemade Transdermal Detox Cream
•    Green Tea Face Cream
Balm Recipes:
•    All-Round Healing Balm
•    Super-Hot Tiger Balm
Gel Recipes:
•    Simple DIY Aloe Vera Gel
•    Invigorating Neck Gel
And A Whole Lot More
Scroll up, buy this book and begin to experience a healthy and glowing skin!
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