Daryl Gregory


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In the years after the smart drug revolution, any high school student with a chemjet can print drugs… or invent them. A teenaged girl finds God through a new brain-altering drug called Numinous, used as a sacrament by a Church that preys on the underclass. But she is arrested and put into detention, and without the drug, commits suicide. Lyda Rose, another patient in the detention facility, has a dark secret: she was one of the original scientists who developed the drug, and is all too aware of what it can do; she has her own personal hallucinated angel to remind her. With the help of an ex-government agent and the imaginary, drug-induced Dr. Gloria, Lyda sets out to find the other three survivors of the five who made the Numinous to try and set things right…
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    Nikolai Tolmachevhat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 2 Jahren

    Отличный фантастический роман о важном вопросе: где кончается человек и кончается ли он вообще где-нибудь. Советую, не оторваться.


    Nikolai Tolmachevhat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
    Science is a pale, unconvincing story compared to faith.
    Nikolai Tolmachevhat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
    said, “I keep forgetting that people take this God stuff personally.”

    “This is why people don’t like atheists,” he said. He raised his bandaged hand to signal for the check. “The rudeness.”

    “It’s the stress of being outnumbered even though we’re right.”

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