Vitamins For Dummies, Christopher Hobbs, Elson Haas
Christopher Hobbs,Elson Haas

Vitamins For Dummies

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“Christopher Hobbs and Elson Haas…take a complicated field and…make sense of it.”
--Ron Lawrence, MD, PhD, Director, Council on Natural Nutrition
Don't forget to take your vitamins! It's good advice. But everybody's needs are different. Age, lifestyle, gender, ethnicity, diet, and habits all play a role in determining which vitamins and minerals you need more or less of in your diet. Like traffic lights, vitamins help regulate your body' most basic functions at the cellular level. And just like those red, green and amber beacons, they must be synchronized--not too many or too few--to get you through your life's journey in good shape. Now Vitamins For Dummies shows you how to have green lights all the way.
Confused by vitamins? Mystified by minerals? Can't tell the difference between gingko and ginseng? In this straight-talking guide, two experts cut through the confusion and help you:
Get a handle on what each vitamin mineral and supplement doesCreat…
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