Christian Meyer,Klaus von Stosch,Daniel Krochmalnik,David Andrew Gilland,Donald Wood,Hans Waldenfels,Lai Pan-Chiu,Perry Schmidt-Leukel

Gott und Götter in den Weltreligionen

We live in a world that is determined by religious pluralism. Many different religions exist side by side influencing the political power structure and forming our environment. Often, the common-sense lacks in terms of knowledge about their beliefs, imaginations of god or gods and how these influence the believers' habit and understanding of being human. By providing deeper understandings of god and gods in different religions the contributors in this volume want to enlighten some dark spots in the common-sense knowledge of the most influential religions such as Christendom, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, Chinese Buddhism and Zen Buddhism. The authors thereby show that all these different Theologies facilitate just as many different answers to sometimes the same questions. In a short introduction, Markus Mühling exemplifies diverse models of how variable religions may live together in a pluralistic society.Authors are David A. Gilland, Daniel Krochmalnik, Lai Pan-chiu, Christian Meyer, Markus Mühling, Perry Schmidt-Leukel, Klaus von Stosch, Hans Waldenfels und Donald A. Wood.
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