The Scottish Rose, Jill Jones
Jill Jones

The Scottish Rose

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A modern American myth-buster finds the magic of love in seventeenth-century Scotland in this unique and “truly spectacular” romance (Romantic Times).
Taylor Kincaid has made a career of debunking myths and legends as the host of her own TV show. When she inherits property in Scotland near a storied archway of sea stones called Ladysgate, she’s determined to disprove the incredible tales of locals who have disappeared through it. Despite the warnings of brawny sea captain Duncan Fraser, Taylor insists on setting sail toward Ladysgate. But when a vicious storm strikes, she is thrown overboard, with Captain Fraser close behind her.
Together, they come to grips with the inconceivable—they have somehow ended up in 1651. Taylor and Duncan soon find themselves thrust into a desperate plot to save the Scottish crown, sword, and scepter amid imminent peril. And as they attempt to re-cross the centuries, they risk losing not only their lives, but the love they’ve found in a time long past.
“Jill Jones continues to carve out a most unique and extraordinary niche for herself with her completely captivating and unusual novels.” —RT Book Reviews
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angelalovingood1975hat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 3 Jahren

Very good! Read in one sitting.

katierg2000hat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
She would rule, not follow.
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