Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics unfolds a new method of approach to mathematics. It is based on sixteen one line formulae known as “sutras” and thirteen one line corollaries known as “upa sutra”. These simple straight forward formulae and techniques help in solving complex mathematical problems in quick and easy steps.
The step-by-step easy methods explained in this book help to remove the mathematics phobia commonly present in students and boost their self-confidence. The short techniques elevate the performance level of the students in any exam be it school, college or competitive examination.
Salient features:
Salient features:
† Simple & lucid language
† Diagrammatic and step-by-step explanation
† Solved examples for clear understanding
† Practice exercise & Word of caution in every chapter
† Time Saving Tricks & Shortcuts
† Mini Mathematics Refresher
† Brain racking puzzles
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