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Mindfulness Made Simple

Ease Your Anxiety and Find Calm with the Ancient and Popular Practice of Mindfulness

A modern practice with ancient roots, mindfulness is widely recognized for its calming, healing, and restorative effects. Mindfulness and meditation can help you relieve stress, regulate your emotions, achieve focus and clarity, strengthen your communication skills, and cultivate an appreciation for what is most important to you. Based on centuries of experience and new techniques in the field of psychology, Mindfulness Made Simple shows how to bring mindfulness and meditation into your daily life.

Mindfulness Made Simple offers inspiring and practical guidance, with:

• Foreword by noted psychologist Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

• Brief history of mindfulness and its growing impact in the present day

• Step-by-step introduction to your first meditation

• 5 further meditations and 8 advanced meditations to deepen your practice

• Simple exercises and journal prompts to support your mindfulness journey

• Inspirational quotes and tips to help you stay focused and motivated

With Mindfulness Made Simple, the full benefits of a soothing and healthy mindfulness practice are only a few simple exercises away.

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