Six Shorts 2017, Celeste Ng, Victor Lodato, Sally Rooney, Kathleen Alcott, Bret Anthony Johnston, Richard Lambert
Celeste Ng,Victor Lodato,Sally Rooney,Kathleen Alcott,Bret Anthony Johnston,Richard Lambert

Six Shorts 2017

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This year's six shortlisted stories for the world's richest short story prize, the £30,000 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award.
The Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award is the world's most prestigious and richest short story prize, worth £30,000 to the winner. Past winners and shortlisted authors have included the Pulitzer winners Junot Díaz, Anthony Doerr and Adam Johnson, plus Hilary Mantel, Ali Smith, Yiyun Li, CK Stead and Elizabeth Strout.
Six Shorts 2017 brings together the six stories shortlisted for this year's award: ‘Reputation Management’ by Kathleen Alcott; ‘Half of What Atlee Rouse Knows about Horses’ by Bret Anthony Johnston; ‘The Hazel Twig and the Olive Tree’ by Richard Lambert; ‘The Tenant’ by Victor Lodato; ‘Every Little Thing’ by Celeste Ng; and ‘Mr Salary’ by Sally Rooney.
Chosen by a hugely experienced and prestigious judging panel that included Booker-winner Anne Enright, Orange— and Whitbread-winner Rose Tremain, Booker-shortlistee Neel Mukherjee and critic and novelist Mark Lawson, the six stories represent the very best in contemporary English-language short fiction.
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Now they had arrived in her foyer, the fresh produce and the lauded memoir and the sulfate-free shampoo, and they would keep her fed and clean for days. In the elevator down, she admired the light as it moved to illuminate each button, the cheerful two-part sound that meant arrival on the lowest floor. She had heard a great deal about the evils of modern technology, how its solutions were too focused on the individual, but Alice, for one, felt thankful for a world that let her stay exactly where she needed to be.

Теперь они прибыли в ее фойе, свежие продукты, хваленые мемуары и шампунь без сульфатов, и они будут кормить и чистить ее в течение нескольких дней. Спускаясь в лифте, она любовалась светом, который двигался, освещая каждую кнопку, веселый звук из двух частей, означавший прибытие на нижний этаж. Она много слышала о зле современных технологий, о том, что их решения слишком сосредоточены на личности, но Элис, например, была благодарна за мир, который позволял ей оставаться именно там, где она должна была быть.

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In the beginning, when the nature of the work was still novel, Alice had Googled each case assigned to her, read the Drunk in Public arrest report, the vicious Gawker article about the embezzlement or the affair with an intern. A few direct-deposit paycheques later, she ceased to do this, as it only added time to each job and diverted her thoughts as she tried to write the glib summaries of careers and personal achievements.
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As for the drawings, he took all he could find, though he didn’t look at them until he got back to Ohio. And then he sat on his chair and went through them. Again and again, his face as a teenager – sometimes sullen, sometimes bruised, sometimes squinting like a pirate.
Harland shook his head, amazed that she’d somehow done it – improved him. Hell, she’d nearly made him beautiful.
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