Project Manager's Guide, PMP, Martin Flank
PMP,Martin Flank

Project Manager's Guide

The Project Manager’s Guide is an easy to read and use resource for both the novice and the experienced Project Manager. It presents Project Management concepts and theory along with their practical application. This book answers the question “Great I understand the theory and concept. Now how am I going to apply this to a real life project?” The Guide is designed so it can be used as a reference guide where each chapter is self-contained and focusing on a specific topic with the order of the chapters follows a logical progression of topics that builds on the previous one. This book can be read in sequence from chapter 1 to 30 or one can go directly to a particular chapter or topic. This Guide can be a resource used by Project Managers throughout their career.
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1. In depth knowledge of Project Management Standards and Concepts 2. Extensive” hands on” Project Management Experience which includes managing projects and knowing how to practically apply Project Management theory 3. Effective Leadership Skills
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“Buck Stops Here”
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Project Management Professional (PMP) is a certification that is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI)

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