Hyrum W. Smith

Purposeful Retirement Workbook & Planner

Plan a rewarding retirement with guidance and worksheets onfinances, time management, health, self-care, family, hobbies, volunteering, and more.
Retirement is a new season, a new opportunity, to live purposefully. You may have quit a job, but you haven’t quit life! This book is a practical tool that helps you take that bucket list and get started, from a nationally renowned expert on using time wisely. Using this mindful method, you can take full advantage of the decades ahead with advice and worksheets covering:Retirement financial planningHealth management and exercise adviceFinding purpose in your post-career yearsThe importance of clubs, volunteering, and social groups, and much more
You finally have the time—and the freedom to use it the way you want. Discover simple time management and mindful planning guidance for a joyful and meaningful retirement, so you can love your new life.
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