Art Mitchell

Grateful, Not Dead

A guide to uncovering your post-retirement purpose and creating financial security.
Art Mitchell uses the REWIREMENT process to empower and transform himself and people like you. He details ten critical steps to inform aging, building on the anti-ageism and conscious aging movements.
In Grateful, Not Dead, you learn how to:overcome ageist myths and shame to change everything for yourselfreboot your mind through self-reflection, consciousness expansion, and spiritualityuncover purpose, boost creativity, increase engagement, and servicefind meaningful work and achieve financial independencetake back your power and make the changes you want to see
Those of you who have been forced to make career changes, retire, or otherwise chose to work past “retirement age” may find yourself wanting help. It’s here. Prepare to learn how to live purposefully and inspired to do what’s important to you!
Grateful, Not Dead is the best I have read to assist you in resetting your life script for the happiest, youthful aging!” —C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD(from Foreword)
“After decades in careers that have defined us, what's the next step? Guided by the author's life wisdom and skills as a coach, readers find their own answers through inspiration and exercises that tap into personal power and purpose.” —Lois Guarino, author of Writing Your Authentic Self
“Art Mitchell has written an indispensable guidebook for people entering the territory of older age.” —Harry R. Moody, retired Vice President, AARP
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