Alan MacQuarrie

Stay Safe

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This book, Stay safe, will empower you, increase your awareness, and sharpen your decision making process, aid your understanding of violence, and enable you to respond quickly and effectively when facing potentially dangerous situations.

Whether you or a family member are leaving home to go to university, travelling, living alone, working alone, working late, or if you are not as young and fit as you used to be, you will have particular and inevitable concerns about personal safety.

Stay safe is particularly relevant for people who deal directly with the public in a variety of situations, who work alone or in isolation and who may have to travel alone in the course of their work. It focuses on the personal safety of the individual who may encounter confrontation, anger, violence or other “difficult situations”. Now, more than ever, people around the World are aware of threats to their personal safety and are searching for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones.

You will learn to deal with angry people using the listening skills in the HEART system and avoid escalating confrontations. You will learn to use these time tested techniques when confronted by angry people in your working life and your personal and family life and experience a difference in the level of conflict.

You can stay safe and keep your family and loved ones safe by understanding and applying the personal safety concepts explained in this book. Stay safe will keep you safe from the predator that plans to attack the isolated, weak and most vulnerable. It will help you to develop policies – principles to guide your actions, in your work and personal life that will help you to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
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