Wahida Clark,Angel Santos,TRAE MACKLIN

Eight Days of Street Lit Holiday Boxset

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SWAG: Can a diva dripping with sex appeal, devious ambition, and serious swag gain the trust of a top crime boss? Undercover officer Jazmine Coleman believes it is all she needs to infiltrate one of the city s most notorious hustlers, Love. With traps set in place, Jazmine pulls Love's right hand man, Thump into the mix, causing a deadly, yet twisted love triangle.
SWAG II: What's better than one cold, calculated criminal unafraid to use sex, deception, and murder to get the job done? Two. Especially if they're as deadly as you! In Swag II Jazmine enlists the help of Swag to ensure that her plan for revenge is executed with the precision of a sniper rifle. But with Matson, an overzealous detective determined to expose her, and every crime boss and street soldier on the hunt for Swag, things get deadlier with each day that passes.
Gun Smoke: Atlantic City is a kiddy pool and the sins in Las Vegas are like good deeds compared to The Casino; Lauryn's place, the roughest spot in Philly to roll sevens and yell out blackjack. Welcome to her gambling spot. A place where all bets are covered, drinks are unlimited, and prostitution is free.
Baller Dreams: After graduating from High School John “Dre” Dodson finds his future looming before him. He is forced to make a number of decisions that will change his life. Choosing school over the mean Detroit's Eastside streets, the sudden reality of his poor circumstances make him painfully aware of the fortunes that can be made if he embarks on the career path of a hustler.
Flippin' The Hustle: Born and raised in the projects of Richmond, VA, Derick Richards life was changed and his destiny to become a federal agent was forged at an early age when he witnessed the untimely death of his older brother and father figure Carlo at the hands of a up and coming drug dealer.
Game of Gwop: What do you get when the baddest chick and four cold-blooded killers enter a Newark, New Jersey, strip club strapped with Mac 11s? You get a nasty body count and the lick of a lifetime! Not only do Charisma, GQ, Shamar, and Crook steal bricks of coke and a load of gwop from the strip club, but the crew also reaps the promise of certain death once the club's owner puts his goons on their trail!
Uncle Yah Yah: Read this book and you will agree that if there ever was any One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, it had to be Al Dickens the author of this book. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Even nature produces the uncommon or the unique at one time o r another, like the duckbill platypus.
Uncle Yah Yah II: Rudy Hawkins the reporter from the Essex Forum News is on his way back to visit with Uncle Yah Yah. Little does he know that his whole life is about to change. Rudy thought that his first visit with Yah Yah was a blast that took him out of what is called the ordinary life. The life changing things he learned on his first meeting with Uncle Yah Yah was nothing in comparison to the atomic bomb he is about to receive.
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