Brandon Sanderson

Scrivener's Bones

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#1 New York Times bestselling author of the Mistborn series Brandon Sanderson continues the epic adventure he began in Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians… So if you haven't read that one yet, put this book down, buy the first one (several copies!), read it, and come back when you know what the heck is going on.Go ahead. I'll wait…Good, you're back.So now you've read all about me, Alcatraz Smedry, and how I was swept out of my life in your normal world, and into the fight against the Librarians (jerks!). And after being all heroic and stuff in that tale I really didn't expect much-though a huge parade would have been appreciated. Seriously, even a pizza party would have worked.I certainly didn't expect to charge headlong into enemy territory-the Library of Alexandria, where I and my grandpa and my grouchy bodyguard Bastille and her even grouchier mother and some weirdly gifted cousins would face the Curators (ghosts who will gladly help you check out a book…as long as you don't mind giving up your mortal soul) and some new, nasty Librarians who hate our guts-and would be happy to rip them out for us.But none of that comes close to the horror we would have to face if we succeeded in finding what we were searching for…MY DAD! (DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!)Big surprise there, right? Well, believe me-that's not even close to the biggest surprise you're going to get when you read this book…Praise for the Alcatraz series:&quote;Like Lemony Snicket and superhero comics rolled into one (and then revved up on steroids).&quote;-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)&quote;An excellent choice to read aloud to the whole family.&quote; -NPR&quote;Those who enjoy their fantasy with a healthy dose of slapstick humor will be delighted.&quote; -School Library Journal&quote;Genuinely funny…plenty here to enjoy.&quote; -Locus&quote;In this original, hysterical homage to fantasy literature, Sanderson's first novel for youth recalls the best in Artemis Fowl and A Series of Unfortunate Events.&quote; -VOYA
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