J.L. Jarvis

Forbidden Hearts

Peril and passion collide as a young woman fights for land, liberty, and love.

An enigmatic stranger appears on Ana Martin’s Galveston doorstep, summoned by her father before his untimely death. When Ana boards a train bound for her uncle’s vast hacienda, Eduardo is there to see her safely to her new home in the stark desert landscape of 1910 Northern Mexico.

Eduardo’s passionate ideals set him at odds with the corrupt Mexican government as his writings fuel a revolution and draw Ana closer. But it is Carlos, the daring rodeo rider and freedom fighter, who touches her soul, setting Ana on a journey that will test her strength and forge her destiny.

Originally published as Ana Martin.
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  • majhamellenavaleshat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Monaten
    “You dropped this.”

    Confused, Ana looked at his hand, now outstretched. She stepped toward him. He placed in her hand her father’s watch, closing her fingers around it. A moment passed as tears moistened her lashes. She lifted her gaze to his, but he turned and left without letting her thank him.
  • Kylah Tenoriohat Zitat gemachtvor 7 Monaten
    She turned from the water and headed up Market Street and, a few blocks later
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