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Avneet Kumar Singla

The Great Christmas Tales and Fables

The Great Christmas Tales and Fables is a collection of stories to bring back “the true spirit of Christmas” to the todays world where whole day just passes for running for ones livelihood. In this book we try to redirect the days to schools and Sunday schools and had written 20 great Christmas tales and fables. It contains the Nativity story, of course, but other parts of yesterday's Christmas will be much less familiar to modern readers. The song “White Christmas” has not yet been written, and the expression meant something more than snow. The people gave white gifts, to symbolize purity. Children may have had visions of sugar beet, but the book contains the unsweetened versions of two weepers by Hans Christian Anderson: “The Tiny Match Girl” and “the Fir Tree.”(The tree learns to appreciate Christmas too late-at the campfire afterwards.) And Tiny Tom has to learn that he is lucky enough to get new skates for Christmas, even if they are the wrong brand. The book brings back great-grandfather's Christmas as a present for today. Christmas always came with problems. But it always came anyway. This Stories are full of faith, sacrifice, joy, and hope to excite the heart and carry fragrance of love to a cherished winter holiday.ContentsPREFACEThe Legend of the “ White gifts”YOUR BIRTHDAY DREAMFIR TREETHE TINY MATCH GIRLTINY IVORYTHE STORY OF THE SHEPHERDTHE STORY OF CHRISTMASTHE LEGEND OF THE CHRISTMAS TREETINY ALBERTHOW THE FIR TREE BECAME A CHRISTMAS TREE? THE THREE MAGI IN THE WEST AND THEIR SEARCH FOR CHRISTTINY GRETCHEN AND THE WOODEN SHOETHE TINY SHEPHERDBABOUSCKATHE BOY WITH THE BOXTHE WORKER IN SANDALWOODTHE SHEPHERD WHO DID NOT GOPAULINAS CHRISTMASFOR US A CHILD IS BORNSTAR
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