Letters from a Young Father, Edoardo Ponti
Edoardo Ponti

Letters from a Young Father

Becoming a parent changes everything. Fear and love live together. Suddenly there is a person in the world for whom you want happiness and safety, even when those two don't always coincide. Letters from a Young Father comprises forty letter-poems written by award-winning film director Edoardo Ponti to his unborn child during the forty weeks of his wife’s pregnancy. These poems are gifts, lessons, slices of joy, maps for how we build a life, for how we work and learn, how we love, and how we remember.
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Bibi Kosherova
Bibi Kosherovahat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
You are not the first
The sun has kissed nor the last
But we will hold you and kiss you
Like the very first and the very last
No wind has blown through your hair
No ground has touched your feet
But you are in our every step
& all the air
You are still beyond time
But in our eyes you are already forever
Neither boy nor girl
We raise your tiny heart to the sun
& offer the promise of you to the sky
To the earth & to the wind
Let them bless those fresh first heartbeats
Those tiny knocks on our door
Born from courage
And the faith
Of this new soul called
Davidhat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
This is the name we look for
A name you could butter bread with
And sugar coffee
A name already so deeply baked into
The bones of our home
All we need
Is to listen for it
Princess Trbl
Princess Trblhat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
No strength to take a deep breath
No desire to exhale
Just enough self-esteem to
Wash my face

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