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Barbara Cartland

Desire of the Heart

Having lost her parents in a tragic carriage accident, beautiful but innocent young Cornelia Bedlington, living in Ireland, has inherited an enormous fortune and her Uncle George decides that she needs a chaperone for the coming Social Season in London.
Who better than her glamorous Aunt Lily who knows everyone smart!
Unbeknown to George or Cornelia, though, Lily is in the throes of a love affair with the startlingly handsome Drogo, the Duke of Roehampton, who is struggling financially and she comes up with a Machiavellian deceit designed to make Drogo rich and save Lily the trouble of chaperoning Cornelia.
Her suggestion is that Drogo marries Cornelia while secretly continuing his liaison with Lily!
When this fascinating stranger, the Duke, suddenly proposes marriage, Cornelia is swept off her feet. And they are married in the most glamorous Wedding of the Season attended by the King and Queen.
But just as love for the Duke blossoms in her heart, she is heartbroken to overhear her fiancé plotting their future together with Lily and then realises the horrible truth.
Soon, though, amid the heady glamour of gay and exotic Paris, she enlists the help of a sophisticated Socialite, Renée de Valmé, in a desperate and cunning plan of her own to ensnare the dashing Duke's heart for herself alone!
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    Violet was right. Why should she run away? She would stay, she would become the Mistress of Cotillion and what was more, she would make him suffer for the hurt that he had inflicted upon her.

    Her weak and helpless sense of misery was now being superseded by a rising anger. It seemed to Cornelia, as dawn broke, that during the night she had grown immeasurably older. She was no longer a child, a child who trusted and had faith in those she loved. She was a woman, bitter and resentful, and determined that she should not be the only one to suffer.
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    He was the conqueror, the victor
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    He held her tighter still, his mouth on hers

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