James J. Stamatelos

Emotional Strength Training

No matter what life presents us with, we always have a choice: do we want to remain afraid?
Learning how to switch ourselves into an emotional place of strength, confidence and safety may be the single most important skill any of us can develop in today’s fear-saturated world. We are constantly bombarded with messages that we're not enough: not good enough, not safe enough, not successful enough, etc. This constant flood has over-activated the fear response of our brain's limbic system which was never meant for long-term use. Fear causes us to repeatedly use emotional and blunt short-term solutions that rarely resolve the problems we face. Emotional Strength Training allows us to break this cycle so we can regain access to the parts of our brain that help us regulate our emotions, conduct creative problem solving and develop meaningful long-term decisions that work. We have the choice to act with confidence and competence instead of fear.

This is a brief introduction to Emotional Strength Training techniques. It was written for any individual or professional coach/therapist who wants to break the grip of fear. It is adapted from the upcoming book “The Strength Revolution,” scheduled to be released in late 2018.
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    You’re not enough. You’re too far behind. It’s never going to work

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