Katherine Hall Page

The Body In The Big Apple

The Agatha Award-winning author serves up a “prequel to the successful series featuring caterer Faith Fairchild … An excellent beginning” (Library Journal).
Before she met and married the Reverend Thomas Fairchild and moved to sleepy little Aleford, Massachusetts, Faith Sibley Fairchild had a catering business in the most colorful, frenetic, and exciting city in the world . . .
Young, ambitious and single in New York City in the late ’80s, Faith Sibley is energized by the early success of her Have Faith catering enterprise. But she’s cast into an unexpected new role when she runs into old high school friend Emma Stanstead at a swanky uptown party: sleuth! An anonymous blackmailer is threatening to expose certain secrets of socialite Emma’s less than glamorous past—thereby destroying her reputation and her conservative husband’s fast-rising political career—and Faith fearlessly leaps into the fray. Though she lacks experience, Faith’s keen instinct, insight, and determination to unmask an extortionist quickly carry her deep into the high and low life of the bustling Big Apple. And when a murder raises the stakes, Faith realizes that it’s not just her old friend’s good name that’s in peril . . . it’s Emma’s life itself.
“[Page’s] young sleuth is a charmer.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Fun . . . a little mystery with a big-hearted love of NYC . . . [Readers] will enjoy Big Apple.” —Denver Rocky Mountain News

“New Yorkers and suburbanites alike should enjoy this fast-paced mystery; and gastronomes will relish the aptly apple-flavored recipes that complete this work.” —Publishers Weekly
“Intimate and engaging.” —Mystery News
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