Michael Whone

Winter Lyric

“an infectious little gem” —Whispering Stories

Winter Lyric is the emotional and poetic story of Elliot Stephenson and his relationship with Sarah Benton, two drinking buddies that suddenly become romantic partners.  With a new found lust for life so profound he’s not quite sure what to do with it, Elliot delivers a quirky love-manifesto for Sarah, documenting his recklessly entertaining fruition of sexual self-discovery. Elliot brilliantly weaves together a breathtakingly honest, and cleverly entwined story that fortuitously connects each hedonistic moment of his past and present to a bittersweet realization that life isn’t about pleasure seeking, but that life’s synchronicity and divine transcendence is the ultimate pleasure, that finds us.

[A] meditation on all that is gained, and all that is lost, in every small moment, every seemingly meaningless interaction that passes us by, and it is told in a voice that is both profound and inimitable. […] and contains more beauty and pain than should rightly exist in its brief pages. —From the Foreword by Neal O’Reilly
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