Pete Williams

Obstacle Fit

Do you want to climb walls, shiver under barbwire, shimmy through culverts, negotiate monkey bars and ropes, plunge into dumpsters of ice water, and run miles through dirt, mud, and water — all the while testing your mental and physical limits with a body you’ve chiseled into the best shape of its life?
If so, you’re an aspiring obstacle racer. And you’re not alone.
In Obstacle Fit, Pete Williams gets you ready to tackle Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and the dozens of other obstacle races that have become the fastest growing segment of participatory sports.
More than 2 million people annually compete in obstacle races, pushing their bodies to extremes and posting images of themselves muddy and triumphant via social media.
Athletes typically train for an obstacle race with either an anaerobic, strength-based program featuring little running or with a regimen of heavy running and little core conditioning. As a result, they’re ill prepared for alternating tests of running and obstacles and can even risk injury.
Williams, a competitive obstacle racer, NASM-certified personal trainer, and co-author of seven fitness books, shows you how to train efficiently for obstacle races with an integrated, six-week program of core conditioning and interval training that mirrors the obstacles, rhythms, and challenges of an actual race.
Obstacle Fit, which requires little equipment, can be used as a stand-alone program or adapted to complement your existing training. Performed indoors or outdoors, Obstacle Fit focuses on flexibility, strength, stability, and speed, helping you navigate any obstacle race quickly and powerfully.
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