Speed Reading For Beginners, Dale Blake
Dale Blake

Speed Reading For Beginners

Speed reading has been a skill peddled by experts putting it on the spotlight. The claim is that speed readers can read up to 1000- 1700 words in a minute while the average person reads 200 to 400 words. The only way to understand if these claims are true is by looking at the different techniques used in speed reading. And this book can help you with that.
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A tip that seems to work for speed-readers is the fact that they stop saying the words in their heads. When reading people tend to subconsciously hear the words in their minds. The claim to faster reading therefore rides on the ability of the reader to break this habit and increase his or her reading speeds by double or triple the previous seeds. A tip that works for most speed-readers is to preoccupy their mouths thus resisting the temptation of reading out the words. When the brain is disengaged from speech, it will be able to tap into your conscious awareness rather than when it is slowed down by when it tries to figure out the meaning of the word.
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All speed-reading courses recommended that a pre-reading survey be conducted. The aim of doing this is to gain better understanding of the content and material structure
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d up to 1000- 1700 words


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