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Summary: The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E. Gerber

This ebook offers a summary of the book “The EMyth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber. The entrepreneurial myth is that most small businesses are started by entrepreneurs. Not so, says Michael E. Gerber, most are started by technicians who enjoy handson work and making new products. Therefore, they are too focused on issues within the business, rather than the business as a whole. Gerber proposes an ingenious solution to this problem: the owner should look upon the business as a prototype that they want to expand in the future. In this way, the company itself becomes the handson product.

In The EMyth Revisited, Gerber shows how to implement this process, using examples from successful business leaders. As Thomas Watson says, "[w]e didn't do business at IBM, we built one.'' Gerber explains how to develop a franchise mentality, and how much of your resources should be spent on each sector of your business. He suggests what type of management systems should be put in place as your business grows.

His argument is a simple one: in order to end as a mature company, you must also begin as one, at least in your thinking. The theories and strategies within The EMyth Revisited have been proved effective by a number of large, successful businesses.
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I am gonna use the structures in this book when my company gets to a certain level.


Natasha Tiffany
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A business that is built and managed by someone who combines the approach of the technician, the manager and the entrepreneur will have a far greater chance of future success than one guided by someone thinking like a technician alone.
Martin Schmidt
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personality is:
Mary Joy Gaces
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The entrepreneur -- supplies the vision.
The manager -- supplies order and systems.
The technician -- supplies the output.
Most businesses go through three phases of growth:
Infancy -- when the technician is to the fore.
Expansion -- when better management skills are required.
Maturity -- an entrepreneurial perspective is needed.

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