The Jewelled Kitchen: A Stunning Collection of Lebanese, Moroccan and Persian Recipes, Bethany Kehdy
Bethany Kehdy

The Jewelled Kitchen: A Stunning Collection of Lebanese, Moroccan and Persian Recipes

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In the Middle East, cooking is a truly intuitive art form… There is a saying that if you run with your senses, especially your sense of smell, that you will find inspiration. It is never about exact measurements, and always about instinct. The Jewelled Kitchen takes you on an unforgettable adventure of Middle Eastern and North African cuisines. We are all familiar with a few mezze favourites – hummus, falafel, tabbouleh and stuffed vine leaves – but Bethany Kehdy offers up a whole host of other treasures. From Tuna Tartare with Chermoula and Sumac-Scented Chicken Parcels, to Cardamom-Scented Profiteroles and Ma'amoul Shortbread Cookies, here are mouth-watering dishes for you to try. Bethany's recipes stem from her childhood, as she mixes traditional country fare with cosmopolitan feasts, and adds contemporary twists. In this book she unveils a culinary heritage that is as rich as it is diverse.
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