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Lean Management

Lean is rapidly gaining ground in Denmark. Three out of five industrial
enterprises have introduced lean techniques, and the lean wave is now reaching other areas such as finance, health, construction and education sectors as well as the entire public sector.
The first pioneer enterprises in the administration and service sector are well on their way to reaping the benefits of working with lean. These enterprises have shown that using lean as a management tool can bring down case processing times, improve customer service, reduce employee stress and increase efficiency — using fewer resources.
Lean is about streamlining the areas of an organization or company that create customer value and eliminating everything without value for the customer. The entire organization takes part in this process which aims at creating a corporate culture that spurs everyone to do even better all the time.
LEAN MANAGEMENT in the administration and service sector offers an introduction to working with lean, suggesting ways in which leaders can reflect on their organization and explaining how to handle the process of introducing lean techniques.
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    Valiosos pasos compartidos para la implementacion en base a experiencias en otras empresas.

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    Lean management in practice
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    The characteristics of lean are:
    • The culture is business oriented – guided by results rather than by policies.
    • Customer needs drive the organization.
    • Everyone is interested in their workplace and in developing it.
    • Performance is monitored by results – and the bar is willingly raised.
    • Everyone works together towards common goals.
    • Belief in people as a valuable resource, and many viewpoints are heard.
    • Employees have an opinion on good quality, and the organization learns from its errors.
    • Employees describe what they do well and disseminate this best practice.
    • Employees are not afraid to learn something new.
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    Employees in a lean culture have these characteristics:
    • They are committed and loyal to joint decisions.
    • They are aware of the department’s goals.
    • They show respect for others’ work.
    • They give on-the-spot feedback.
    • They admit mistakes: it is okay to make mistakes.
    • They work together across departments.

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