Lisa Taddeo


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'Like a series of grenades exploding' Marian Keyes

A 2021 Highlight for: Guardian — Sunday Express — Independent — New Statesman — Evening Standard — Cosmopolitan — Red — Daily Mail — Daily Express — The Week — Irish Times — i — The Sun
I drove myself out of New York City where a man shot himself in front of me. He was a gluttonous man and when his blood came out it looked like the blood of a pig.
That's a cruel thing to think, I know. He did it in a restaurant where I was having dinner with another man, another married man.
Do you see how this is going? But I wasn't always that way.
I am depraved. I hope you like me.

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    lolwhathat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Monaten
    There is so much power in the way we obsess. If we could only harness it. If we would only redirect it.
    lolwhathat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Monaten
    —Yes, Lenny snapped. Lenore was a great reader. A varied reader. Do you think a man like me could have been with someone who didn’t read?
    lolwhathat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Monaten
    It was cozy there, too. Cozy like the first few minutes of a horror movie.

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