Quicklet on Jim Collins' Great By Choice, Jason Shen
Jason Shen

Quicklet on Jim Collins' Great By Choice

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I just finished reading Jim Collins' new book. “Great by Choice: Uncertainty Chaos and Luck — Why Some Thrive Despite Them All” (often GBC from here on out) describes the results of a deep investigation into how young companies can survive and thrive in chaotic, turbulent environments to achieve spectacular results.

The book is of great value to startups and entrepreneurs seeking to build enduringly great companies. In this ebook, I look at how his concepts of fanatical discipline, productive paranoia, and empirical creativity apply to building a startup that succeeds over the long-term.

To Note: I think that if you're trying to found-n-flip a business, most of these lessons do not apply. Rather, they're specifically for founders/leaders who want to be a long-lasting business success. Additionally, I don't want readers to come away with the idea that these are the only ways to become an enduring success. However, we have more evidence to suggest that these ways will work compared to many other approaches.
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Danielhat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Jahren
I think there are two important elements to the 20-Mile March:
Figuring out the fundamentals of your business, and
Sticking with them and making steady, consistent progress.
Most startups are still figuring out the first part, which is why I focused on the empirical creativity section first. You’ve got to figure out a winning formula, but once you do, drive at it hard and consistently. Avoid the over-reach, but also do everything in your power to keep forward momentum constant.
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