Inazo Nitobe

The Samurai Way

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  • Xuraman Memmedovahat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Jahren
    Sincerity is the end and the beginning of all things; without Sincerity there would be nothing."
  • Xuraman Memmedovahat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Jahren
    "To thyself be faithful: if in thy heart thou strayest not from truth, without prayer of thine the Gods will keep thee whole."
  • Xuraman Memmedovahat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Jahren
    Another "awfully funny" custom is dictated by our canons of Politeness; but many superficial writers on Japan, have dismissed it by simply attributing it to the general topsy-turvyness of the nation. Every foreigner who has observed it will confess the awkwardness he felt in making proper reply upon the occasion. In America, when you make a gift, you sing its praises to the recipient; in Japan we depreciate or slander it. The underlying idea with you is, "This is a nice gift: if it were not nice I would not dare give it to you; for it will be an insult to give you anything but what is nice." In contrast to this, our logic runs: "You are a nice person, and no gift is nice enough for you. You will not accept anything I can lay at your feet except as a token of my good will; so accept this, not for its intrinsic value, but as a token. It will be an insult to your worth to call the best gift good enough for you." Place the two ideas side by side; and we see that the ultimate idea is one and the same. Neither is "awfully funny." The American speaks of the material which makes the gift; the Japanese speaks of the spirit which prompts the gift.

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