Wayne Walker

Tested Forex Strategies And Advanced Technical Analysis For Forex

This special book is a combination of forex strategies and advanced technical analysis. You begin with learning the base techniques that professional and successful traders use. The second half of the book journeys into advanced technical analysis where you will acquire a broad and deep understanding of technical analysis for forex. The emphasis is on practical applications. You will learn to optimize technical indicators that can increase your money making ability. The results from past students and readers confirms their effectiveness.

The book includes the following and much more!

- Step-by-step guide to understanding from beginner forex into advanced technical analysis indicators

- Strategic trading tactics to use with your expanded knowledge of technical analysis

- Trader psychology (bonus chapter)

- Price patternsUsing multiple time frames

- Selecting the correct trading partner

This is a combination of Wayne's books: Tested Forex Strategies and Advanced Technical Analysis for Forex
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