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Zoë Jenny

The Sky Is Changing

She achieved something momentous: writing by hand, she composed a novel that has become the talk of Swiss Literary Circles. New York Times

A compelling, edgily atmospheric portrait of an uneasy city and a young woman's struggle to find her place in the world. With quiet understated assurance, The Sky is Changing asks big questions about our fragmented society. C. J. Schuler, The Independent

London: A group of thirty-somethings meet to celebrate a birthday. All seems normal. But, after two years of trying, Claire and Anthony have still not conceived a child, and pulsing with the fear of terrorist attacks, the city is crackling with tension. Befriending a young girl, Nora, Claire finds herself drawn as her maternal instincts begin to blur.
Meanwhile, Anthony is forced to question his job as a City Analyst as their safe and secure existence begins to fracture. As Claire retraces the journey she has made since an accident ended her promising career as a ballet dancer in Berlin, she realises her life has moved beyond her control.
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    forgettable interlude in this young child’s life.
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    leaving the door open so she could eavesdrop

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